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‘Very enjoyable course and has helped me a lot, especially with my own confidence and reaching out to my children in a positive way.'
‘I learned how to listen more, to respect your fellow classmates and not let your anger get the better of you.’
Boy (12)
‘I have learned to think before I say anything when talking to my kids. I am also learning to listen better.’
‘It was very interesting and entertaining, great stories, taught me to think about my choices.’
‘I found the course very useful as Clare distinguished many ways of handling conflict as well as ways of communicating effectively.’
‘We learned how to express our feelings and how to control our anger and stop our fighting.’
Girl (12)
‘The course helped me to listen more and stand back, not to shout, to be a lot calmer.’
‘I learnt not to put myself down. I felt good about myself afterwards’
Girl (14)
'I really enjoyed doing the role-plays and learned how to stand up for myself and my friends'
Teenager (13)
‘What I found most useful was the tools to be able to listen to your child and how important it is to the child.’
‘I gained an understanding of how teenagers think and I am learning to stay calmer and have more patience with my daughter. My eyes were opened to a lot of things I was not aware of.’ Parent

Teenage Toolkit Workshops

Teenage Toolkit Workshops can be taken as stand-alone sessions or a combination of workshops, delivered over a 4 to 6 week period, tailored to suit the needs of the group.

Positive Peer Interaction

The aim of this workshop is to help young people explore the negative impact words, behaviours and attitudes can have on individuals. It encourages them to create a group dynamic that promotes positive peer interaction, mutual respect and empathy.

Personal Responsibility & Decision- Making

Young people are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their behaviours and their choices in life. They are supported to recognise the consequences of their decisions and actions and will learn to recognise if a thought or feeling is ruling a decision as well as developing a framework for making positive choices. They will apply these insights to teenage issues.

Managing Emotions

Being able to manage emotions is an important skill for succeeding in life and relationships. This workshop helps young people to identify different emotions as well as what is behind the feeling. They will learn ways of managing uncomfortable or unpleasant feelings, recognising the connection between thoughts feelings and actions as well as how to express their feelings effectively.

Stress Management

Today’s young people are faced with many different stresses and pressures. This workshop aims to help them recognise the signs of stress and to examine their own reactions to it. The young people will develop healthy coping skills, and learn the value of mindfulness, relaxation and positive self-talk for handling stress.  

Anger Management

Young people will discuss their reactions to situations and be supported in exploring what is behind their anger. They will learn that they have a choice about how they react and develop skills and strategies for effectively managing their own anger and the emotions associated with it.

Self Esteem & Self Respect

This workshop focuses on building a young person’s inner strength, self-belief and confidence. It encourages unique expression and teaches techniques that enhance self-worth and self-respect.

For Boys Only

This workshop is aimed at encouraging boys to explore traditional perceptions of masculinity and become aware of the negative consequences and behaviours that can result. Boys are supported to challenge limiting gender stereotypes and beliefs.

Social Media & Digital Citizenship

Students will gain an awareness and understanding of cyber bullying and the different forms it takes, as well as the impact it has on people. They will identify strategies for responding to cyber bullying as both a target and bystander and examine respectful and responsible communication as a means of preventing cyber bullying.

Body Image & Self Image

This workshop encourages girls to examine the influence and effects of media and celebrity on their sense of self. It supports girls to be defined by themselves and helps them develop skills for improving body image and self-confidence.

Girls Friendships & Relationships

The aim of this workshop is to provide girls with an understanding of peer aggression; the hurtful behaviours girls use in their relationships and the roles that are played out. It encourages girls to examine how these behaviours impact and affect their lives and challenges them to take responsibility for their own actions. The girls are equipped with alternative behaviours they can use to build healthy and inclusive friendships and relationships.

Frame the Future

In this workshop young people are encouraged to create a vision for their future, as well as identify the steps needed to turn their dreams into reality.