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‘Very enjoyable course and has helped me a lot, especially with my own confidence and reaching out to my children in a positive way.'
‘I learned how to listen more, to respect your fellow classmates and not let your anger get the better of you.’
Boy (12)
‘I have learned to think before I say anything when talking to my kids. I am also learning to listen better.’
‘It was very interesting and entertaining, great stories, taught me to think about my choices.’
‘I found the course very useful as Clare distinguished many ways of handling conflict as well as ways of communicating effectively.’
‘We learned how to express our feelings and how to control our anger and stop our fighting.’
Girl (12)
‘The course helped me to listen more and stand back, not to shout, to be a lot calmer.’
‘I learnt not to put myself down. I felt good about myself afterwards’
Girl (14)
'I really enjoyed doing the role-plays and learned how to stand up for myself and my friends'
Teenager (13)
‘What I found most useful was the tools to be able to listen to your child and how important it is to the child.’
‘I gained an understanding of how teenagers think and I am learning to stay calmer and have more patience with my daughter. My eyes were opened to a lot of things I was not aware of.’ Parent

Parenting Teenagers

Photo of Parents with Happy Teenager - Parenting Teens - Family Matters

This Parenting Teenagers programme is based on the principals of emotional and social intelligence as well as emotion coaching, a research based tool developed by Dr. John Gottman. The teenage years are an emotional rollercoaster for parents and teenagers. Just when you think you have got the hang of being a parent to your child, everything changes. Family members get frustrated and stressed with each other and conflicts emerge as teenagers push for more independence and control over their lives.

Remaining connected and influential in your teenager’s life is essential at this time, as research shows that a parent-teenager relationship that is open, honest and authentic has a positive impact on a young person’s well-being.

In order to build and maintain positive relationships, parents will learn

  • A better understanding of the teenage years
  • How to manage emotions in challenging situations with teenagers
  • Better ways of communicating and relating to teenagers that will reduce conflict and increase cooperation & respect
  • To set boundaries that teach responsibility, choice and consequence
  • To help teenagers handle difficult emotions they may be experiencing
  • To support them in solving problems and making positive choices in their lives

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